Swiss Heart, Scandinavian soul. No compromise on quality since 1929.

True to the reputation of Scandinavia for excellence in manufacturing, we dedicate most of a full year to design, produce and refinish all the component that go into making a Siduna watch.

Our carefully selected materials are crafted by skilled artisans, and each watch is assembled by hand to ensure that the owner of a Siduna will be allowed to appreciate it over a lifetime. Read more...

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The Most Sensibly Priced Fly-Back

Between 1950 and 1995 a fine watch from a reputable brand did not cost more than 1 to 5 weeks of wages. With our M3440 Professional Chronograph we managed to stay within that price point whilst producing the market's most sensibly price Fly-back. Read more..

Applying Century Old Principles

Located 27 Km (17 miles) from Siduna's historic headquarters, the team follows the principles of a brand that was created in Switzerland in the late 19th century and relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1929. Read more...


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